Entry #1

The Last Evasion

2010-02-28 19:55:24 by vonWolfehaus

Thanks to everyone for playing my first game! So far the consensus is "hard. neat. not great tho." Awesome! That's actually a bit better than I thought I'd get. I had to rush the game out tho to meet the deadline for the Flixel contest.

What you can play now is a fraction of what I had in development. About 1/10 of the code is commented out! SO. In the future I'll be updating it with...

- BETTER PERFORMANCE. I'm really hating on Flixel v2 right now but I'll get over it, probably by hacking the framework to suit my needs. Again.
- More enemy weapons, like missiles and beam cannon.
- More than just asteroids to dodge.
- More special effects, like explosions.
- An intro scene! woo

I'm going to take a break for a bit first tho and at least wait for the contest results. Good luck to all who entered!


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